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What is Mediation all about?

Mediation can be a lot better than going to court.

As a mediation service, DisputeOver aims to assist in the resolution of your dispute by enabling honest and open discussion at a meeting between you and the other person in the presence of our Mediator Simon Matters.

Our aim is for you and the other person to understand and explore the issues which have led to the dispute and together seek an outcome which will meet the interests of both of you.

It is not about one person winning and the other losing. Rather, it is about you and the other person together discovering a way forward that you can both live with.

You will not be given legal advice or told what to do.

During mediation, you and the other person will remain in control of the outcome to your dispute. You will be encouraged to reach your own decision, with the support of our Mediator.

Your mediation will be conducted in accordance with the Practice Standards for Mediators operating under the National Mediator Accreditation System.

Start the process today … Your dispute could soon be over!