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What are the benefits of Mediation?

Many disputes need to be resolved by the conduct of legal proceedings before a court or tribunal.

Such proceedings can be slow, costly, worrying, and take up a lot of time and effort for those involved. In the end, the judge may or may not agree with your case.

While not all mediations are successful, mediation may nonetheless give you an opportunity to avoid legal proceedings so that:

  • Expense is minimised
  • There could  be a quick end to the dispute
  • Worry and anxiety can be reduced
  • Time and inconvenience can be saved
  • Uncertainty about the outcome can be  resolved (because that is decided by those in dispute)
  • Solutions can be more innovative and helpful than orders made by a judge, and
  • You can focus on other issues in your life.

Start the process today … Your dispute could soon be over!