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Does Mediation always work?

The short answer to this question is “no”.

Mediation does not always work for any number of reasons which might only unfold during the course of the Mediation.

Mediation is but one way of trying to resolve disputes and so other ways of dispute resolution may be more suitable. Sometimes, even a court or tribunal hearing might be necessary or preferred.

Further, the usual process which we use for conducting a Mediation might not be suitable, in which event an alternative Mediator or Mediation Service using a different process may need to be engaged.

Mediation of a dispute is like trying to solve a complex, mega jigsaw puzzle. It can be a bit overwhelming at the start and quite impossible to solve after a while.

And in trying mediation to resolve your dispute, we at DisputeOver certainly cannot guarantee a successful outcome, let alone promise any result.

However, in giving the jigsaw puzzle a go, and with a bit of help from us in putting all the pieces together, you just never know:


However, if Mediation is not for you, Sharrock Pitman Legal have a team of quality lawyers who are well positioned to assist you. Their specialised focus is on caring for people in business and providing effective solutions to their vast array of legal needs. As Accredited Specialists in Commercial Law, Property Law, Commercial Litigation and Family Law, Sharrock Pitman Legal are able to provide high quality legal advice on all aspects of running a business, employment law issues, contested court and tribunal proceedings, and family law matters.

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