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Can the contracts I use in my business provide for a way of resolving disputes without going to Court?

Posted on
April 18, 2014
In categories:
Dispute Resolution

Yes, it is possible for business contracts to include a clause which requires all disputes to be resolved by arbitration. This is becoming increasingly popular. You can save thousands of dollars, as well as many days of valuable time, by using arbitration instead of going to Court. Arbitration involves both parties to the dispute appointing an independent arbitrator to decide the outcome. The arbitrator will often be an expert in the type of business or industry involved.It can be easy, however, for these types of clauses to cause further problems if they are not drafted properly. Before including a requirement for arbitration in your contract, you should speak to a lawyer to ensure that the clause does what you want it to do, without unwittingly causing undue delay and uncertainty.

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